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What Do You Want? Ft Canadian Winter & Nasr Beny

by Kojo "Easy" Damptey

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What do you want? Is a rallying cry from marginalized communities that have lost so much from colonization. It's a song celebrating and remembering anti-colonial leaders from Africa particularly Patrice Lumumba who was born on July 2nd, 1925. His assassination was planned by the Belgium and USA government with involvement from the Canadian government.


Master Master won't you come help me, please
I am stuck in a cold cold freeze
You gotta know I am always in need
Yeah, Yeah I know you always in need
That's why I got you some weed
To take away the pain and trouble
Don't forget to keep yourself warm

This is what I have always wanted X4

Master Master won't you come help me, please
Took a trip around the world and still chilly
Meet folks of my ilk in mass peril
Sing tunes of larceny to end evil
Matters of the heart seem to go wayside
Making room for the devil to falsify
One by one we all fall prey to his lies
Never living with the love we all admire

Love is what I have always wanted X4

No No you got it all figured wrong
No No you got it all figured wrong
Money is the force of our daily lives
Hard currency earned off the peoples back
To stock broking shenanigans to tip the scale
You wonder why we always selling you something new
Yeah yeah we love profits to the end of time; your life I bet is worth a dime
See all that money of mine, I put it to good use to dodge the crime
Mass killings of folks for property to generate wealth for prosperity
Your governments are at my heels, you best believe I got them hooked
It's time to join the wagon or leave you by the way side

This is my empire X4

What do you want?

How about peace of mind
A world redefined
Put simply, it's​ repeated through history,
You'll see it if read between the lines,

What do you want?

Some different images
Of the cities and the villages,
they're speaking of our home like it's a war zone
Keeping prejudice alive is big business,

What do you want?

All the gold and the oil
that they stole from the soil
But they won't stop it, cos it makes profit,
Now anyplace they touch gets spoiled

What do you want?

Every last sarcophagus
That was robbed by archaeologists,
The only place you'll see em is in their museum,
And they don't understand what the problem is,


released July 7, 2017
Written & Performed: Kojo Easy Damptey, Canadian Winter & Nasr Beny.
Bass: Tom Altobelli.
Beat: James Rogers.
Album Artwork: Sahra Soudi.
Mixed & Mastered: Aaron Hutchinson.



all rights reserved


Kojo "Easy" Damptey Hamilton, Ontario

Kojo “Easy” Damptey K.E.D is a music producer, songwriter, keyboardist, composer and filmmaker. He was born and raised in Accra, Ghana.

He is recently released a 3 song EP on 20th January 2012, that’s tells the story of an African immigrant living in Canada trying to make sense of the world he is living in.
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